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US man Tommy Schaefer and girlfriend handed down jail sentences over Bali suitcase murder       Radio Australia - 55 minutes ago

How countries cope with migrants arriving by boat       AP - 1 hour ago

Court sentences ousted Egypt president to 20 years in prison       AP - 1 hour ago

US man gets 18-year jail for murdering girlfriend's mother       AP - 1 hour ago

U.S. man sentenced to 18 years for Bali suitcase murder       Reuters - 1 hour ago

UPI Almanac for Tuesday, April 21, 2015       UPI - 2 hours ago

5 Things to know about Jeb Bush's campaign finance strategy       AP - 2 hours ago

Bush preparing to delegate many campaign tasks to super PAC       AP - 2 hours ago

Why McDonald's is still a powerhouse, despite troubles       AP - 2 hours ago

Benefit concert supports needy schools       China Daily - 2 hours ago

UN salutes Chinese language       China Daily - 2 hours ago

Amid optimism, US-Cuba relations challenge baseball players       AP - 2 hours ago

Google to put mobile-friendly websites first in search engine       Radio Australia - 2 hours ago

Khunjerab Pass: Where China-Pakistan meet       China Daily - 2 hours ago

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten farewell troops in Brisbane bound for Iraq       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Australia's east coast battered by cyclone-like storm       China Daily - 3 hours ago

International anti-terrorism competition kicks off in Jordan       China Daily - 3 hours ago

Replacing carpet at Jerusalem shrine reveals religious rift       AP - 3 hours ago

Defiant Hong Kongers resist embrace of mainland China       AP - 3 hours ago

1,004 S. Korean victims sue Japanese firms for wartime forced labor       China Daily - 3 hours ago

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