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VIDEO: Visiting the doctor via the internet       BBC - 2 hours ago

Autism risk linked to particulate air pollution       Reuters - 3 hours ago

World Briefing: Agencies Warn of Hunger in Ebola Zone       NYT - 4 hours ago

Women live with incontinence, but it can be treated       Reuters - 5 hours ago

South Korea increases efforts to contain foot-and-mouth outbreak       Reuters - 5 hours ago

Ill teenagers not to be held in cells       BBC - 6 hours ago

Citing Health Risks, Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State       NYT - 6 hours ago

Pharnext drug shows promise in neurological disease with no treatment       Reuters - 7 hours ago

Report on Risks Leads New York State to Ban 'Fracking'       VOA - 7 hours ago

Donors and WHO responded too slowly to West Africa Ebola outbreak: report       Reuters - 8 hours ago

Global population living six years longer than in 1990: study       Reuters - 8 hours ago

For That Door-to-Treadmill Service       NYT - 8 hours ago

VIDEO: Smoking in cars 'harmful for children'       BBC - 8 hours ago

Colorado awards $8 million to study medical marijuana uses       Reuters - 9 hours ago

Docs may be too conservative about sex after heart attack       Reuters - 10 hours ago

Tetraphase's antibiotic succeeds in late-stage trial       Reuters - 10 hours ago

Prop plane pilots exposed to tanning-bed radiation levels       Reuters - 11 hours ago

U.S. doctor who recovered from Ebola will return to Liberia       Reuters - 12 hours ago

Ebola toll nears 7,000; rate of spread slows in Sierra Leone: WHO       Reuters - 12 hours ago

Ebola fears speed changes in U.S. hospital record systems       Reuters - 13 hours ago

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