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Boston Scientific nerve device no help in heart failure study       Reuters - 1 hour ago

WFP says it needs $70 million to feed 1.3 million people in Ebola quarantine       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Liberia adds new Ebola centers as tries to contain virus outbreak       Reuters - 2 hours ago

New Novartis heart failure drug cuts risk by a fifth       Reuters - 3 hours ago

New Novartis Drug Shows Striking Efficacy in Treating Heart Failure       NYT - 3 hours ago

Leadership and Calm Are Urged in Outbreak       NYT - 13 hours ago

Quarantine for Ebola Lifted in Liberia Slum       NYT - 14 hours ago

Judge Rejects Texas Stricture on Abortions       NYT - 15 hours ago

Medicare Will Settle Short-Term Care Bills       NYT - 15 hours ago

Porn productions suspended after performer tests positive for HIV       Reuters - 15 hours ago

Federal Judge Approves California Plan to Reduce Isolation of Mentally Ill Inmates       NYT - 16 hours ago

Junk food messes with you       CNN - 16 hours ago

Ice bucket challenge brings in $100M       CNN - 16 hours ago

Better education on breast reconstruction may be needed after cancer       Reuters - 16 hours ago

Scientists: Coffee and Naps - the Best Combination       VOA - 17 hours ago

Tandem Biking Opens Sport to Blind Bikers       VOA - 17 hours ago

African-Americans may be getting inferior breastfeeding advice       Reuters - 17 hours ago

UN health agency identifies countries at risk for spread of Ebola       UN - 17 hours ago

Scientists Use Mutations to Track Ebola Origins       VOA - 19 hours ago

The New Old Age Blog: Dizzying Times       NYT - 19 hours ago

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