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Eli Lilly to drop development of lupus drug       Reuters - 1 hour ago

New mom sues lab over sperm mix-up       CNN - 1 hour ago

'80 had contact' with US Ebola man       BBC - 1 hour ago

Cuban doctors, nurses head to West Africa to help in Ebola fight       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Emirates president says Ebola hits Asian demand for Africa flights       Reuters - 2 hours ago

Silicon Valley takes benefits 'arms race' to health care       Reuters - 2 hours ago

Fear, frustration grow over Ebola case       CNN - 3 hours ago

India’s PM Launches Massive Drive to Clean Up Country       VOA - 3 hours ago

Travels and health travails of Thomas Eric Duncan       CNN - 3 hours ago

British Foreign Secretary Urges 'Decisive Action' at Ebola Conference       VOA - 3 hours ago

Ebola stabilizing in Liberia, doomsday forecasts wrong - president       Reuters - 3 hours ago

UK must channel aid to fight FGM in Sierra Leone: lawmakers       Reuters - 4 hours ago

Britain calls for international help on Ebola as London conference begins       Reuters - 5 hours ago

Respiratory Virus Linked to Four Deaths in US       VOA - 7 hours ago

VIDEO: Warning over alcohol 'pre-loading'       BBC - 8 hours ago

Federal government: caffeine-infused underwear won't help people lose weight       UPI - 9 hours ago

Exclusive: U.S. nears solution for safe disposal of Ebola waste       Reuters - 10 hours ago

Australia criticized for not sending medical staff to fight Ebola       Reuters - 11 hours ago

U.S. to Increase Production of the Ebola Drug ZMapp, but May Not Meet Demand       NYT - 12 hours ago

Ebola: 'Five S Leone cases per hour'       BBC - 12 hours ago

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