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Huddles 'help children's hospital care'       BBC - 1 hour ago

Children tested for Ebola on Tyneside       BBC - 1 hour ago

'Too few' toddlers having flu vaccine       BBC - 3 hours ago

Italy's pharmaceutical watchdog raises alarm on batches of flu drug       Reuters - 6 hours ago

Needy patients to get new hips or knees for free next week       Reuters - 8 hours ago

Canada to deploy military health staff to Sierra Leone in Ebola fight       Reuters - 8 hours ago

Study Details Presidents’ Paths From Power to Dusty Corner of Cultural Memory       NYT - 8 hours ago

ICRC seeks record $1.7 billion for humanitarian work in 2015       Reuters - 9 hours ago

FDA regs highlight harms of indoor tanning       Reuters - 9 hours ago

Exercise may prevent excess weight gain during pregnancy       Reuters - 9 hours ago

Drug Maker Gave Large Payments to Doctors With Troubled Track Records       NYT - 9 hours ago

Bird flu outbreak in India caused by strain humans can contract: OIE       Reuters - 10 hours ago

How much will the chancellor give the NHS?       BBC - 11 hours ago

Laos seeks Ebola preparedness boost       Xinhuanet - 11 hours ago

Germany unveils special jet to transport Ebola patients       Xinhuanet - 11 hours ago

Flu vaccine lots blocked in Italy after suspicious deaths       Xinhuanet - 11 hours ago

Cambodia awards enterprises for HIV/AIDS prevention       Xinhuanet - 11 hours ago

Agency says Europe HIV response falls short in curbing epidemic       Xinhuanet - 11 hours ago

Most chickens sold in UK stores have traces of food bug: watchdog       Reuters - 13 hours ago

Liposomal spray may ease contact lens discomfort       Reuters - 13 hours ago

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