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New kind of trial aims to speed cancer drug development       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Well: An Easier Way to Delay Cutting the Cord       NYT - 2 hours ago

Researchers speak to new study exposing link between SSRIs and autism       UPI - 2 hours ago

Off-season may not be enough for football players' brains       Reuters - 3 hours ago

Diabetes complications show significant decline in past two decades       Reuters - 3 hours ago

Type 2 Diabetes Complications Show Sharp Decline, Report Finds       NYT - 3 hours ago

Bogus mammogram results earn woman jail time       CNN - 4 hours ago

Vermont Senate passes mandatory GMO food-labeling law       Reuters - 5 hours ago

Oh baby: Scientists find protein that lets egg and sperm hook up       Reuters - 6 hours ago

Kitchens could be sources of drug-resistant bacteria       Reuters - 6 hours ago

Pill developed to fight measles passes key test in animals       Reuters - 6 hours ago

UNAIDS teams up with Brazilian footballer David Luiz ahead of World Cup       UN - 7 hours ago

The New Old Age Blog: Blood Pressure Drugs May Raise Fall Risk       NYT - 7 hours ago

Former NFLer: Don't go through life exhausted       CNN - 9 hours ago

Rape-prevention program cuts sexual assaults in Kenya       Reuters - 9 hours ago

For kids, moving can be mentally tough       Reuters - 9 hours ago

Some moist wipes cause allergies       CNN - 9 hours ago

National event urges Americans to plan for the end       Reuters - 11 hours ago

Dr. Gupta: We're aliens in Ebola's world       CNN - 11 hours ago

Abbott Laboratories beats profit forecast, sales lags       Reuters - 12 hours ago

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