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Million Ebola vaccine doses for 2015       BBC - 42 minutes ago

WHO expects around 200,000 Ebola vaccine doses by mid-2015       Reuters - 1 hour ago

EU backs drug for rare sun intolerance from Australia's Clinuvel       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Europe backs continued use of Ariad Pharma's leukemia drug       Reuters - 1 hour ago

First transplant of 'dead' heart       BBC - 1 hour ago

AstraZeneca ovarian cancer drug wins European green light       Reuters - 2 hours ago

Dozens monitored for Ebola in Mali       BBC - 2 hours ago

Timeline: Ebola in New York       CNN - 2 hours ago

WHO Sending Ebola Experts to Mali, 43 People Monitored for Virus       VOA - 2 hours ago

WHO sending Ebola experts to Mali, 43 people monitored for virus       Reuters - 3 hours ago

VIDEO: Clock change 'decreases activity'       BBC - 4 hours ago

VIDEO: Could amputees re-grow lost limbs?       BBC - 4 hours ago

Ebola crisis: 'We need help, serious help'       BBC - 6 hours ago

Hikma Pharma says U.S. FDA issues warning on Portugal plant       Reuters - 6 hours ago

Tracing Patient’s Possible Contacts Creates Host of Challenges for New York City       NYT - 9 hours ago

Neighbors Say Patient Is Fast to Lend a Helping Hand       NYT - 10 hours ago

Ebola Crosses New Border as Mali Confirms a Case       NYT - 10 hours ago

Ask Well: Ask Well: How Does Ebola Spread? How Long Can the Virus Survive?       NYT - 10 hours ago

Vaccine Trials for Ebola Are Planned in West Africa       NYT - 10 hours ago

Well: Can You Get Ebola From a Bowling Ball?       NYT - 11 hours ago

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