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Jimmy Kimmel Named Most Dangerous Celebrity       NBCNews.com - 29 minutes ago

Jony Ive Talks Apple Watch Design in Vogue Profile       NBCNews.com - 29 minutes ago

The New York Times to Cut 100 Newsroom Jobs       ABC News - 44 minutes ago

Microsoft Sway Aims to Make Presentation Design Easy       NBCNews.com - 52 minutes ago

Hong Kong Protesters Turn to FireChat App to Organize       ABC News - 58 minutes ago

How PayPal and Apple Pay Compare       ABC News - 1 hour ago

Feds allege hackers stole info from Microsoft, sold fake pre-release Xbox One       Washington Post - 1 hour ago

The Tetris Movie is Coming, And It Will Be 'Epic'       NBCNews.com - 2 hours ago

The Switchboard: Attorney General doesn’t like tech companies’ plans for encryption expansion on mobile devices       Washington Post - 3 hours ago

World's 1st Bullet Train, Made in Japan, Turns 50       ABC News - 4 hours ago

Innovations: The incredible potential and dangers of data mining health records       Washington Post - 5 hours ago

Watch: Microsoft Offers First Peek of Windows 10       ABC News - 5 hours ago

App Teaches Kindergartners Basic Computer Coding       ABC News - 10 hours ago

Could a Merger Follow the PayPal-eBay Split?       ABC News - 12 hours ago

McAfee Names Kimmel Its 'Most Dangerous Celebrity'       ABC News - 12 hours ago

Mother's ex can affect future offspring       CBS News - 14 hours ago

Photographer Kevin Fleming finds beauty in the wild       CBS News - 14 hours ago

Photographer finds beauty and drama in the wilds       CBS News - 15 hours ago

Scientists See Bleached Coral in Northwest Hawaii       ABC News - 16 hours ago

Hong Kong Protesters' Phones Targeted by Malware       NBCNews.com - 16 hours ago

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