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GOP Candidates Straddle the Climate Change Issue       ABC News - 4 hours ago

Kit allows parents to test Halloween candy for marijuana       CBS News - 11 hours ago

How some Gamergate supporters say the controversy could stop “in one week”       Washington Post - 11 hours ago

Stunning technicolor movies of cells       CBS News - 12 hours ago

Uber for Kids: Shuddle Wants to Shuttle Your Children       NBCNews.com - 13 hours ago

Hoverboards Are Now a Reality       NBCNews.com - 13 hours ago

Watch Out for Ebola-Themed Email Attacks       NBCNews.com - 14 hours ago

Stephen Hawking's first Facebook post       CBS News - 14 hours ago

Drones Give Archaeologists a Bird's-Eye View of Past       NBCNews.com - 14 hours ago

Shipping Company Pleads Guilty in Molasses Spill       ABC News - 15 hours ago

New Facebook app encourages anonymous chats       CBS News - 16 hours ago

Amazing video of cells in action       CBS News - 17 hours ago

Solar eclipse       CBS News - 18 hours ago

Campaign finance officials aim to cure the paper-obsessed Senate through crowd-sourcing, algorithms       Washington Post - 18 hours ago

With a $10 million fine, the FCC is leaping into data security for the first time       Washington Post - 18 hours ago

Innovations: Elon Musk: ‘With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.’       Washington Post - 18 hours ago

Hacker Gets Prison for Cyberattack Stealing $9.4M       ABC News - 18 hours ago

Underwater "space" walk       CBS News - 19 hours ago

The stinking perfume of a comet       CBS News - 19 hours ago

Apple Pay Review: The Re/Code Bi-Coastal Team Test       NBCNews.com - 19 hours ago

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