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Watch: TechBytes: Apple; Sharp       ABC News - 1 hour ago

Seeing Green: How Pot Delivery Apps Stay Above the Law       NBCNews.com - 1 hour ago

Foley video, photos being scrubbed from Twitter       Washington Post - 7 hours ago

With poaching rampant, future grim for African elephants       CBS News - 7 hours ago

FBI Investigating Theft of 1.2 Billion Passwords       NBCNews.com - 11 hours ago

Why the Congressional Black Caucus is urging the FCC to save the sports blackout rule       Washington Post - 12 hours ago

Uber is delivering convenience store goods in D.C. — but only to wealthy neighborhoods       Washington Post - 13 hours ago

"Selfie" the TV Show Has Arrived       NBCNews.com - 13 hours ago

Sprint launches $100 family plan with 20GB data share amid bad performance ratings       Washington Post - 13 hours ago

Uber Hires Former Obama Adviser       ABC News - 13 hours ago

Verizon leads carriers in network quality report       CBS News - 14 hours ago

Why Steve Ballmer Quit Microsoft's Board       ABC News - 15 hours ago

State lets heirs access dead person's online accounts       CBS News - 15 hours ago

Samsung to pay U.S. $2.3 million to settle False Claims Act charges       Washington Post - 15 hours ago

Curiosity rover stalled by sand trap on Mars       CBS News - 15 hours ago

Drone and Fighter Jet Team Up on Historic Flight       NBCNews.com - 15 hours ago

100,000 elephants killed across Africa in two years, study finds       CBS News - 15 hours ago

Out for a stroll in zero gravity       CBS News - 15 hours ago

iPhone 6 may not have sapphire screen: Analyst       CBS News - 15 hours ago

More work is needed to avoid "ecological debt"       CBS News - 15 hours ago

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