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Bomb wounds two policemen on anniversary of Egypt uprising       Reuters - 1 hour ago

UPI Almanac for Sunday, Jan, 25, 2015       UPI - 1 hour ago

TV talk show pioneer Franklin, who gave Pacino chance, dies       AP - 1 hour ago

Voting begins in Greek general election       China Daily - 2 hours ago

US President Barack Obama arrives in India on three-day tour       China Daily - 2 hours ago

Greece election: Leftist Syriza party set for landmark win as Europe watches on       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Obama looks to build toward policy breakthroughs with India       AP - 5 hours ago

Unlikely buddies Obama and Modi aim high on India trip       Reuters - 5 hours ago

Muslim woman sues police in Michigan for making her remove head scarf       UPI - 6 hours ago

'American Sniper' widow awarded over $60,000 from rifle auction       UPI - 6 hours ago

Boko Haram releases about 190 people after attack in north-east       Radio Australia - 6 hours ago

World leaders converge on oil-rich Saudi Arabia after death of King Abdullah       Radio Australia - 6 hours ago

Rights group: 96 hours of regime airstrikes kill and wound nearly 700 Syrian civilians       UPI - 7 hours ago

Egypt museum admits King Tut's beard broke off       China Daily - 7 hours ago

Father of Japanese hostage reported killed still hopeful       AP - 8 hours ago

Mom arrested for lying about daughter's terminal cancer, accepting donations       UPI - 8 hours ago

Alberto Nisman, Argentine prosecutor due to testify against president, shot point-blank in forehead: officials       Radio Australia - 8 hours ago

Why Colorado teen got four years for trying to join ISIS (+video)       Christian Science Monitor - 8 hours ago

Obamas to skip Taj Majal for Saudi visit. Is it a big deal? (+video)       Christian Science Monitor - 8 hours ago

Not Bush? Not Romney? Who does Donald Trump like for president in 2016? (+video)       Christian Science Monitor - 8 hours ago

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