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Gas-line blast closes major highway, injures at least 11       AP - 37 minutes ago

Masterplan to revamp England's 'home of cricket', Lord's, includes boosting spectator capacity to nearly 30,000       Radio Australia - 43 minutes ago

California gas pipeline explosion, fire injure up to 15 people       Reuters - 44 minutes ago

Bryant 0 for 4 with 3 Ks in debut as Cubs lose to Padres 5-4       AP - 56 minutes ago

Campaign begins in Arizona to make recreational marijuana legal       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Parents of boy killed in Boston bombing don't want Tsarnaev executed       UPI - 1 hour ago

Gas line explosion injures 15 in Fresno, Calif.       UPI - 1 hour ago

Maglev train in Japan breaks world record at 590 kilometers per hour       UPI - 1 hour ago

Video: Gorilla charges little girl at Nebraska zoo       UPI - 2 hours ago

Study of isolated Amazonian tribe shows how modern life is changing human bodily bacteria       Radio Australia - 2 hours ago

Officials: St. Louis Marathon winner didn't run entire race       UPI - 3 hours ago

Thailand draft constitution allows immunity for coup generals and unelected politicians to become prime minister       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Banks the target for hackers not customers, Europol chief Rob Wainwright says       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Spring snowstorm leads to 60-vehicle pileup in Wyoming       UPI - 3 hours ago

Global finance leaders see economy strengthening       AP - 3 hours ago

Isis removed from UN's official list of names for future hurricanes for Islamic State association       Radio Australia - 4 hours ago

Marco Rubio: the 2016 presidential campaign's $40 million man       Reuters - 4 hours ago

'Repeated apologies need to be made by Japan'       China Daily - 4 hours ago

Yemen conflict: Iran submits four-point peace plan to the United Nations       Radio Australia - 4 hours ago

Bucking cable tradition, Verizon offers custom TV bundles       Christian Science Monitor - 4 hours ago

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