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Labour's '£250m police savings' vow       BBC - 1 hour ago

Gallantry in the House of Commons       BBC - 1 hour ago

Farage blasts MP Turner over recall       BBC - 3 hours ago

AMs set to be given £10,000 pay rise       BBC - 4 hours ago

VIDEO: Can UK change migrant benefit rules?       BBC - 5 hours ago

Clegg: I'd never join UKIP coalition       BBC - 5 hours ago

VIDEO: Max Mosley's bid to be 'forgotten'       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Clegg supports new data power plans       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Paterson on UK leaving 'new country'       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Behind the scenes at Kent by-election       BBC - 7 hours ago

VIDEO: 'We shouldn't have opened doors as quickly'       BBC - 7 hours ago

VIDEO: Shapps on Tory general election plan       BBC - 7 hours ago

Young and workers at risk of poverty       BBC - 7 hours ago

Labour attacks 'rogue' job agencies       BBC - 8 hours ago

The resonance of Occupy       BBC - 9 hours ago

Sturgeon holds first cabinet meeting       BBC - 11 hours ago

Councils told to cut admin costs       BBC - 12 hours ago

Ransom ban among anti-terror measures       BBC - 13 hours ago

Ex-minister to call for UK's EU exit       BBC - 14 hours ago

Delayed C. diff outbreak report due       BBC - 19 hours ago

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