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Scottish Labour leader to stand down       BBC - 3 hours ago

Bahrain F1 complaint 'merits probe'       BBC - 4 hours ago

Military rents to rise, says minister       BBC - 6 hours ago

Concerns over health board finances       BBC - 9 hours ago

Funding cuts prompts museum review       BBC - 10 hours ago

VIDEO: Meet the neighbours: Life in Germany       BBC - 10 hours ago

VIDEO: European week in 60 seconds       BBC - 11 hours ago

VIDEO: Farage defends EU grouping       BBC - 11 hours ago

VIDEO: Priorities for Juncker administration       BBC - 11 hours ago

VIDEO: What happened to Plaid support?       BBC - 11 hours ago

VIDEO: Wood: Time for Wales to step up       BBC - 11 hours ago

VIDEO: Salmond ponders return to Westminster       BBC - 14 hours ago

PM demands talks over EU budget       BBC - 14 hours ago

UK caught up in new EU budget row       BBC - 14 hours ago

EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut       BBC - 15 hours ago

GDP rises by 0.7% in third quarter       BBC - 15 hours ago

VIDEO: Plaid Cymru's 2014 conference       BBC - 17 hours ago

'Window of opportunity' for Wales       BBC - 18 hours ago

UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to EU       BBC - 1 day ago

Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit       BBC - 1 day ago

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