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Police stretched to 'danger' levels       BBC - 49 minutes ago

VIDEO: Lithuania: Four currencies in 25 years       BBC - 1 hour ago

Illegal attempts to enter UK on rise       BBC - 1 hour ago

A&E has 'worst week' in England       BBC - 2 hours ago

Profumo's Rice-Davies dies aged 70       BBC - 2 hours ago

North Sea oil fears 'too dramatic'       BBC - 3 hours ago

Women could join British infantry       BBC - 4 hours ago

Disabled 'missing out' on scheme       BBC - 5 hours ago

Risk of abuse 'must be reported'       BBC - 6 hours ago

Minister in maternity leave first       BBC - 6 hours ago

Tories drop aides from election list       BBC - 7 hours ago

Hint of breakthrough in NI talks       BBC - 12 hours ago

Staff 'bussed in to plug jail gaps'       BBC - 14 hours ago

PM 'did not leave NI for rave party'       BBC - 17 hours ago

Cost of MPs' advisers hits £8.4m       BBC - 18 hours ago

Labour's underfunding claim 'excuse'       BBC - 18 hours ago

New tax powers 'may not be fair'       BBC - 19 hours ago

North Sea oil sector near 'collapse'       BBC - 22 hours ago

VIDEO: Political photographs of 2014       BBC - 23 hours ago

VIDEO: Advice for potential London mayors       BBC - 23 hours ago

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