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May 'should reflect' on doctor abuse       BBC - 2 hours ago

Profile: Nicola Sturgeon's story       BBC - 2 hours ago

Row brewing over English powers       BBC - 3 hours ago

Reward Wales, says ex-first minister       BBC - 3 hours ago

VIDEO: What next for the UK constitution?       BBC - 3 hours ago

Queen urges referendum 'respect'       BBC - 4 hours ago

VIDEO: Salmond 'formidable' - Miliband       BBC - 4 hours ago

Salmond to go after Scotland No vote       BBC - 6 hours ago

Miliband queries PM devolution plan       BBC - 6 hours ago

Change how we're governed - Greens       BBC - 6 hours ago

Midlands cities want more powers       BBC - 6 hours ago

Wales 'must receive more funding'       BBC - 7 hours ago

What is the 'English Question'?       BBC - 8 hours ago

VIDEO: Barnett Formula 'declining in importance'       BBC - 8 hours ago

VIDEO: Tory MP: We want proper federal system       BBC - 8 hours ago

VIDEO: Highlights of Indyref day and night       BBC - 9 hours ago

Whitehall must give up powers - Clegg       BBC - 9 hours ago

More power for English cities?       BBC - 9 hours ago

VIDEO: English voters 'picking up a big bill'       BBC - 10 hours ago

The Alex Salmond story       BBC - 10 hours ago

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