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Universities 'must elect more women'       BBC - 3 hours ago

Labour pledge on domestic violence       BBC - 5 hours ago

Bidding starts for fracking licences       BBC - 5 hours ago

VIDEO: DPP on helping witnesses give evidence       BBC - 17 hours ago

Abuse victims 'need more trial help'       BBC - 18 hours ago

VIDEO: 'Elements of press who don't like me'       BBC - 18 hours ago

VIDEO: Gaza incursion 'no favours to Israel'       BBC - 19 hours ago

VIDEO: Miliband: "Let the public into our politics"       BBC - 19 hours ago

VIDEO: Andrew Marr show paper review       BBC - 19 hours ago

Ed Miliband calls for public PMQs       BBC - 20 hours ago

Strip Russia of World Cup - Clegg       BBC - 1 day ago

English councils propose 'Tesco tax'       BBC - 1 day ago

Ed Miliband: No more photo ops?       BBC - 2 days ago

Cameron accused of Tyne Tees mix-up       BBC - 2 days ago

Appoint abuse inquiry head, May urged       BBC - 2 days ago

Sexism 'puts women off sports'       BBC - 2 days ago

Miliband: I can't beat PM on image       BBC - 2 days ago

'No question' over Red Arrows smoke       BBC - 2 days ago

VIDEO: Labour leader Ed Miliband speech       BBC - 2 days ago

VIDEO: Osborne: GDP figures 'major milestone'       BBC - 2 days ago

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