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Lloyds shares for small investors       BBC - 4 hours ago

Labour warns of fewer nurses in NHS       BBC - 5 hours ago

Candidates in shootout hustings       BBC - 10 hours ago

Cameron joins Vaisakhi procession       BBC - 11 hours ago

Farage compares himself to Gandhi       BBC - 12 hours ago

Cable pledges more apprenticeships       BBC - 16 hours ago

Pensions campaigner to be Tory peer       BBC - 17 hours ago

Teacher 'marks' UKIP election leaflet       BBC - 17 hours ago

Family focus for Miliband in Wales       BBC - 19 hours ago

The story behind classic election images       BBC - 19 hours ago

Can big data reveal electorate's mood?       BBC - 1 day ago

Scots parties on campaign trail       BBC - 1 day ago

How the dog pics you like could change who you vote for       BBC - 1 day ago

VIDEO: Week three of election campaigning       BBC - 1 day ago

Election Go Figure: Campaign in numbers       BBC - 1 day ago

Six things the SNP, Greens and Plaid have in common       BBC - 1 day ago

Labour plans exploitation crackdown       BBC - 1 day ago

Farage to face BBC audience questions       BBC - 1 day ago

Christian group outlines policies       BBC - 1 day ago

VIDEO: Natalie Bennett on debate 'worm'       BBC - 1 day ago

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