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VIDEO: Mirren: I'd love to play Juliet       BBC - 1 hour ago

VIDEO: Durer on display and other art stories       BBC - 1 hour ago

Jodie Foster marries girlfriend       BBC - 2 hours ago

VIDEO: More complaints over Jamaica Inn       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Harris: Being on Broadway is a dream       BBC - 8 hours ago

Poniatowska awarded Cervantes Prize       BBC - 9 hours ago

Amazon and HBO sign streaming deal       BBC - 9 hours ago

VIDEO: Gervais on David Brent and getting old       BBC - 10 hours ago

Clifford jury gets majority direction       BBC - 10 hours ago

Bail-out for troubled Hull theatre       BBC - 12 hours ago

In Pictures: Designs of the Year 2014       BBC - 12 hours ago

Coldplay to play Radio 1 Big Weekend       BBC - 13 hours ago

Complaints mount over Jamaica Inn       BBC - 13 hours ago

Bieber upsets with war shrine image       BBC - 13 hours ago

Top Gear 'regrets' Burma remark       BBC - 14 hours ago

Spider-Man snares UK box office       BBC - 15 hours ago

President Obama: Knuckles lives on       BBC - 16 hours ago

VIDEO: The return of 'bedroom' programming       BBC - 16 hours ago

Led Zeppelin unleash unheard work       BBC - 17 hours ago

What happened to Shakespeare's theatres?       BBC - 17 hours ago

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