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Swedish poet Tomas Transtroemer dies       BBC - 3 hours ago

Dermot O'Leary leaves The X Factor       BBC - 4 hours ago

Loaded magazine says it will close       BBC - 4 hours ago

Tate seeks rethink over 'looted' art       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Eighty books and still writing       BBC - 9 hours ago

Hometown honour for Gandalf star       BBC - 9 hours ago

Oscars producers not back next year       BBC - 9 hours ago

Top Gear: Tymon 'won't press charges'       BBC - 9 hours ago

'Rebel' museums face funding cuts       BBC - 10 hours ago

Blur to headline Isle of Wight       BBC - 11 hours ago

Folk guitarist John Renbourn dies       BBC - 11 hours ago

Travel book wins odd title prize       BBC - 11 hours ago

Zayn Malik says 'I've let fans down'       BBC - 11 hours ago

Penguin book picks up book prize       BBC - 14 hours ago

Branagh's Cinders goes back to basics       BBC - 20 hours ago

VIDEO: Clarkson: 'Leave the producer alone'       BBC - 1 day ago

Twitter divided over Clarkson sacking       BBC - 1 day ago

Downton Abbey to end after six series       BBC - 1 day ago

Joan Collins made a dame by Prince       BBC - 1 day ago

Breaking Bad to get full UK TV run       BBC - 1 day ago

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