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Eurovision: Ireland and Portugal out       BBC - 2 hours ago

Danny Boyle opens Manchester venue       BBC - 4 hours ago

VIDEO: Boyle warning on data gathering       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Who made it to Eurovision final?       BBC - 7 hours ago

Blanchett's Carol 'a labour of love'       BBC - 9 hours ago

New home for English National Ballet       BBC - 9 hours ago

VIDEO: Making art underground       BBC - 10 hours ago

VIDEO: Australia takes on Eurovision       BBC - 12 hours ago

Black Sabbath celebrate Ivors win       BBC - 18 hours ago

McQueen's life in in the fast lane on film       BBC - 18 hours ago

Rowling 'vindicated' in libel case       BBC - 19 hours ago

VIDEO: The Lamb causing a stir at Cannes       BBC - 20 hours ago

VIDEO: 'Damages payout gives me closure'       BBC - 22 hours ago

Rolling Stones play surprise show       BBC - 22 hours ago

Fitzgerald's Gatsby home for sale       BBC - 22 hours ago

VIDEO: Cartoon 'gives Pakistan superheroes'       BBC - 22 hours ago

Salman Khan 'confirmed' for Dubai       BBC - 23 hours ago

Gascoigne wins phone-hacking damages       BBC - 1 day ago

VIDEO: Letterman's final Late Show goodbye       BBC - 1 day ago

Letterman honoured on final show       BBC - 1 day ago

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