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VIDEO: Jude Law: "DRC gone off the radar"       BBC - 1 hour ago

Jolie to direct ivory poaching film       BBC - 3 hours ago

More celeb 'naked pictures' leaked       BBC - 3 hours ago

Cape Fear actress Bergen dies aged 84       BBC - 5 hours ago

In pictures: Discovery Channel marks 25 years       BBC - 6 hours ago

Rare Monroe negative sold at auction       BBC - 1 day ago

The cult radio kings of Blackburn       BBC - 1 day ago

VIDEO: Metal ballet meets Games of Thrones       BBC - 1 day ago

Artist wins top painting prize at 80       BBC - 1 day ago

VIDEO: Glass ceiling sheds light on artworks       BBC - 1 day ago

Ukraine exits next year's Eurovision       BBC - 1 day ago

VIDEO: Excitement builds for MTV Crashes       BBC - 1 day ago

VIDEO: Nicole Kidman's farewell to father       BBC - 1 day ago

Bono defends album going on iTunes       BBC - 2 days ago

Wallace Collection's gallery reopens       BBC - 2 days ago

Dennis Waterman to leave New Tricks       BBC - 2 days ago

Wig case against Nicki Minaj rejected       BBC - 2 days ago

Gypsy Wedding designer gets payout       BBC - 2 days ago

Dancers suing Cher over race       BBC - 2 days ago

Iran Happy dancers ordered lashed       BBC - 2 days ago

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