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AUDIO: Punk poet's praise for Michael Gove       BBC - 1 hour ago

Ian McKellen given freedom of London       BBC - 2 hours ago

'Birmingham family' statue unveiled       BBC - 2 hours ago

VIDEO: Stars lend voices to poppy appeal       BBC - 2 hours ago

Polanski: US extradition attempt fails       BBC - 4 hours ago

Gormley's new cliff top sculpture       BBC - 5 hours ago

Arts groups share £100m funding       BBC - 5 hours ago

VIDEO: Rossi: 'Alcohol led me to cocaine'       BBC - 6 hours ago

Were Young Fathers the right winner?       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Stars glow at Interstellar premiere       BBC - 6 hours ago

Pulitzer-winning poet Kinnell dies       BBC - 6 hours ago

VIDEO: Light show begins in Botanic Garden       BBC - 7 hours ago

VIDEO: Chinese Hollywood builds Forbidden City       BBC - 8 hours ago

VIDEO: Young Fathers win Mercury Prize       BBC - 8 hours ago

Bush House opens doors on future       BBC - 10 hours ago

Ant and Dec to host 2015 Brit awards       BBC - 16 hours ago

VIDEO: Gyllenhaal makes news in Nightcrawler       BBC - 17 hours ago

The Leonardo hidden from Hitler in case it gave him magic powers       BBC - 17 hours ago

VIDEO: Newly-lit Sistine Chapel is unveiled       BBC - 20 hours ago

'Operation' inventor needs operation       BBC - 23 hours ago

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