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Eye-poking no defence against big crocs, expert warns       ABC - 9 days ago

Children 'chained like dogs', sexually assaulted       ABC - 9 days ago

Boy, 8, 'jumped' into stormwater drain before drowning       ABC - 9 days ago

Child sex abuse probe focuses on home for Aboriginal children       ABC - 9 days ago

Children of Stolen Generation to recall abuse at inquiry       ABC - 10 days ago

Australians join global push for climate change action       ABC - 10 days ago

Garbologist embarks on elliptical bike world record bid       ABC - 10 days ago

Arnhem Land leaders call for an end to 'poison' welfare       ABC - 11 days ago

Goose hunter wrestles croc, recovers with beer       ABC - 11 days ago

Aboriginal leaders urge timeframe for referendum       ABC - 11 days ago

Clan leader says Abbott should have visited 'real' Arnhem Land       ABC - 12 days ago

Aboriginal trust sues auditor over alleged fraud       ABC - 12 days ago

'Unofficial holiday' for Elcho Island fun run       ABC - 12 days ago

Bid to help asylum seekers get legal representation       ABC - 12 days ago

Deaf, mute woman denied job for 'not speaking English'       ABC - 13 days ago

Synthetic LSD, ecstasy 'big problem in the NT'       ABC - 13 days ago

Stuart Gower stripped of Darwin Cup after doping test       ABC - 13 days ago

PM vows to try 'new things' to improve school attendance       ABC - 14 days ago

Darwin bus driver recalls spate of violent attacks       ABC - 14 days ago

Teen's fall from tower leads to illicit drug warning       ABC - 14 days ago

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