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NSW bus drivers physically attacked daily: survey       ABC - 24 minutes ago

Share market starts lower but rebounds       ABC - 1 hour ago

Australian mine deaths preventable if warnings heeded: expert       ABC - 2 hours ago

ANZ get banking licence for Myanmar       NEWS.com.au - 3 hours ago

Onthehouse says court matter won't hurt it       NEWS.com.au - 3 hours ago

More homeowners offered buyouts over East West Link       ABC - 3 hours ago

Funds manager says Medibank float attracting strong interest       ABC - 3 hours ago

NZ shares rise as investors chase yield       NEWS.com.au - 5 hours ago

ACCC backs more road tolls       NEWS.com.au - 5 hours ago

Aussie dollar drags kiwi lower       NEWS.com.au - 5 hours ago

Retail trend stays weak       NEWS.com.au - 5 hours ago

Westpac to cut hundreds of call centre jobs in Qld, WA       ABC - 5 hours ago

Uber targets business customers       NEWS.com.au - 6 hours ago

Novogen closer to ovarian cancer trial       NEWS.com.au - 6 hours ago

Dollar drops on weak retail sales growth       ABC - 8 hours ago

AOFM sells $700m of April 2023 bonds       NEWS.com.au - 8 hours ago

Home price rises look to be cooling       NEWS.com.au - 8 hours ago

$A falls on retail data       NEWS.com.au - 8 hours ago

Retail spending rose in August       NEWS.com.au - 8 hours ago

PanAust worker injured amid security scare       NEWS.com.au - 9 hours ago

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