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Antarctica safe from mining 'indefinitely', polar scientist says       ABC - 13 hours ago

Lighthouse caretaker shows off enviable job to followers       ABC - 15 hours ago

Community concern as ministers stumble during mine announcement       ABC - 22 hours ago

Greens support Joyce's push to clamp down on supermarkets       ABC - 1 day ago

Retrofitted VW Beetle leads the charge for electric cars       ABC - 1 day ago

Carbon Farming bill set to pass the Senate       ABC - 1 day ago

Four ETS reports and counting       ABC - 1 day ago

Finally, carbon farming bill set to pass       ABC - 1 day ago

Hunt, Palmer resist criticism of Direct Action deal       ABC - 2 days ago

Sydney's drinking water at risk if mine expansion approved, says scientists       ABC - 2 days ago

Direct Action set to pass Senate after Government strikes deal with Clive Palmer       ABC - 2 days ago

Cherry production in 2014 expected to break records       ABC - 2 days ago

Climate policy hijacked by cost of living debate       ABC - 3 days ago

Swiss aren't neutral about White Cliffs       ABC - 3 days ago

Great Barrier Reef plan 'too focussed on short-term issues'       ABC - 4 days ago

Great Barrier Reef plan 'too focused on short-term issues'       ABC - 4 days ago

Goats producers welcome new breeding data       ABC - 4 days ago

Westbury named Tasmanian Tidy Town for 2014       ABC - 7 days ago

Nearly 700 sharks killed in Queensland this year       ABC - 7 days ago

Environment Victoria's Dr Nicholas Aberle has released a coal mine rehabilitation report       ABC - 7 days ago

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