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Auto parts maker Showa agrees to U.S. fine of $2 mil. for cartel       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

UPDATE2: Abe, Obama to confirm Japan-U.S. security pact will cover Senkakus       Kyodo - 6 hours ago

Removal of fuel handling machine inside Fukushima No. 3 pool starts       Kyodo - 6 hours ago

Japan GDP to increase 7 tril. yen with 10-point corporate tax cut: METI       Kyodo - 7 hours ago

Japan Post hopes to see 2 financial units publicly listed in 2015       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

UPDATE1: Abe, Obama to confirm Japan-U.S. security pact will cover Senkakus       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

UPDATE1: Combined domestic output of 8 automakers rises 3.6% in FY 2013       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

More than half of condo owners older than 60       Kyodo - 9 hours ago

Culling of cows in 20-km radius of Fukushima plant completed       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

U.S. urges Japan to concede more to realize TPP       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

Obama arrives in Tokyo, to talk with Abe over sushi       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

UPDATE4: Seibu makes solid return to Tokyo bourse nearly decade after delisting       Kyodo - 11 hours ago

FTC advises JR East unit to stop compelling suppliers to absorb tax hike       Kyodo - 11 hours ago

Dollar stays in mid-102 yen range ahead of Tokyo inflation data       Kyodo - 11 hours ago

Precious metal closing prices       Kyodo - 12 hours ago

H2O Retailing plans to open 1st overseas store in China       Kyodo - 12 hours ago

Fujitsu, Panasonic to set up system LSI chip venture by yearend       Kyodo - 12 hours ago

Revised law enables gov't to invest in Tokyo, Osaka port operators       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

UPDATE1: Nikkei rises to 2-week high tracking Wall St. gains       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

Japan's top 3 automakers post strong domestic sales in March       Kyodo - 14 hours ago

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