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Legoland indoor amusement park opens in Osaka       Kyodo - 2 days ago

UPDATE1: Taco Bell opens Tokyo outlet, returns to Japan after 20-yr absence       Kyodo - 4 days ago

Kintetsu Department Store opens salon for foreign tourists       Kyodo - 5 days ago

Foreign int'l flight passengers at Kansai airport top Japanese for 1st time       Kyodo - 10 days ago

Pair of Miyazaki mangoes fetch 300,000 yen at season's 1st auction       Kyodo - 12 days ago

Tokyo guide app on drama-shooting spots offered in English, Japanese       Kyodo - 15 days ago

UPDATE1: Narita airport opens new terminal for budget airlines       Kyodo - 17 days ago

Narita airport opens budget airline terminal       Kyodo - 17 days ago

Tokyo to rebuild iconic Jingu, Chichibunomiya stadiums       Kyodo - 24 days ago

High school to launch online program to help truant students       Kyodo - 26 days ago

5-year restoration completed of Himeji Castle, a world heritage site       Kyodo - 30 days ago

Cherry trees come into bloom in Tokyo, 2 days earlier than last year       Kyodo - 33 days ago

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