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High school to launch online program to help truant students       Kyodo - 1 day ago

5-year restoration completed of Himeji Castle, a world heritage site       Kyodo - 5 days ago

Cherry trees come into bloom in Tokyo, 2 days earlier than last year       Kyodo - 8 days ago

Cherry tree planted by Helen Keller resuscitated       Kyodo - 8 days ago

UPDATE1: Imperial banquet menus to get public showing       Kyodo - 15 days ago

Imperial banquet menus to get public showing       Kyodo - 15 days ago

Ueno Tokyo Line train service starts operation       Kyodo - 17 days ago

Sendai readies English guidebook, city tour for U.N. disaster confab       Kyodo - 18 days ago

Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train marks 40th anniversary       Kyodo - 21 days ago

Operator to open duty-free shops outside Kansai airport in Osaka       Kyodo - 22 days ago

Abeno Harukas building draws fewer-than-expected visitors in 1st yr       Kyodo - 24 days ago

Photo exhibition showcases major events of 70 years since war       Kyodo - 25 days ago

Olympics: National Stadium dismantling, construction timetable announced       Kyodo - 26 days ago

Deer delay flights in northern Japan       Kyodo - 27 days ago

World heritage shrine in Kyoto to host condos to finance rebuilding       Kyodo - 29 days ago

UPDATE1: Young elephants donated by Laos on display in Kyoto zoo       Kyodo - 31 days ago

U.S. fast food chain Taco Bell to re-enter Japanese market       Kyodo - 32 days ago

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