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Japan issues disaster safety guidelines for foreign tourists       Kyodo - 1 day ago

Foreign passenger arrivals in Japan top 10 million in Oct.       Kyodo - 3 days ago

JR West to open prayer rooms at Osaka station       Kyodo - 4 days ago

Mt. Fuji gets season's 1st snowcap, 16 days later than average year       Kyodo - 10 days ago

Hokkaido woos Singaporean tourists with publicity campaign       Kyodo - 11 days ago

Japan increases duty-free items for foreign tourists       Kyodo - 25 days ago

Japan eases visa requirement for 3 S.E. Asia nations       Kyodo - 26 days ago

Panasonic develops nursing-care robot for elderly       Kyodo - 31 days ago

Mt. Aso caldera added to UNESCO geoparks list       Kyodo - 32 days ago

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