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UPDATE1: Young elephants donated by Laos on display in Kyoto zoo       Kyodo - 2 days ago

U.S. fast food chain Taco Bell to re-enter Japanese market       Kyodo - 3 days ago

Sales up at Osaka dept stores during Chinese New Year holidays       Kyodo - 6 days ago

Starwood-brand hotel to open in Kyoto's Arashiyama area in March       Kyodo - 7 days ago

Chinese shoppers flock to major Japanese cities in Lunar New Year       Kyodo - 11 days ago

Japan officials pitch new bullet train service at N.Y. tourism event       Kyodo - 11 days ago

Foreign passenger arrivals in Japan hit Jan. record of 1.22 mil.       Kyodo - 12 days ago

U.S. burger chain Shake Shack to open 1st store in Tokyo in 2016       Kyodo - 12 days ago

Pillar supporting Tokyo station for 100 yrs removed       Kyodo - 13 days ago

New Guinness record set in Japan for most snowmen built in 1 hour       Kyodo - 15 days ago

Oldest tiger in Japan dies at 22 years old       Kyodo - 15 days ago

Group protests against chocolate, classism in Tokyo on Valentine's Day       Kyodo - 16 days ago

First flight of HondaJet planned in Japan in April       Kyodo - 17 days ago

Sound recordings of news conferences by key figures unveiled       Kyodo - 20 days ago

Thai AirAsia X to launch flights on Sapporo-Bangkok route       Kyodo - 20 days ago

Tokyo, Taiwan's Hsinchu to become sister stations       Kyodo - 21 days ago

Panda twins at Wakayama zoo named Ohin, Tohin       Kyodo - 24 days ago

Bank of Tokyo-M'bishi UFJ to try out service robots at branches       Kyodo - 27 days ago

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