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Japan increases duty-free items for foreign tourists       Kyodo - 1 day ago

Japan eases visa requirement for 3 S.E. Asia nations       Kyodo - 2 days ago

Panasonic develops nursing-care robot for elderly       Kyodo - 8 days ago

Mt. Aso caldera added to UNESCO geoparks list       Kyodo - 9 days ago

Banana peel slickness study nets Japanese team Ig Nobel award       Kyodo - 13 days ago

Skytree commercial complex celebrates 100 mil. visitors since opening       Kyodo - 15 days ago

No. of foreign visitors to Japan in Aug. reaches nearly 1.11 mil.       Kyodo - 15 days ago

Monorail serving Tokyo's Haneda airport marks 50th anniversary       Kyodo - 15 days ago

Ambassador Kennedy joins Tohoku bicycle rally       Kyodo - 18 days ago

Kyoto exhibition to fete 150th anniversary of Japan-Swiss ties       Kyodo - 21 days ago

Narita Express trains to Mt. Fuji to continue running through Nov. 30       Kyodo - 23 days ago

Narita airport eyes new fee for domestic travelers to boost services       Kyodo - 23 days ago

Japanese man starts walk across Africa with 2-wheeled cart       Kyodo - 24 days ago

Ice bucket challenge draws 27 mil. yen donations for Japan ALS group       Kyodo - 29 days ago

Osaka airport to get major refurbishment, improved rail access       Kyodo - 29 days ago

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