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Uniqlo opens 1st Australian store in Melbourne       Kyodo - 7 days ago

Visa waiver eyed for tourists from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam       Kyodo - 9 days ago

Kansai airport to offer prepaid data SIM cards for foreigners       Kyodo - 9 days ago

Myanmar Airways to launch regular Osaka-Yangon flights in fall       Kyodo - 10 days ago

Hello Kitty shop opens in Osaka to attract foreign visitors       Kyodo - 14 days ago

Luxury Seven Stars train operates all-foreigner trip for 1st time       Kyodo - 16 days ago

Last remaining tsunami-hit line of Sanriku Railway resumes services       Kyodo - 17 days ago

Glico to renovate famed "runner" billboard in downtown Osaka       Kyodo - 20 days ago

Kyoto temple resumes visitor admission after 1.5-yr renovation       Kyodo - 21 days ago

3.56 mil. visit Japan's tallest building Abeno Harukas in 25 days       Kyodo - 22 days ago

ANA Boeing 747 "jumbo jet" makes last flight       Kyodo - 24 days ago

Okinawa, Singapore airport to promote trade, eye direct flights       Kyodo - 30 days ago

Gov't to simplify reporting steps for Japanese travelers overseas       Kyodo - 32 days ago

Haneda departures to be more convenient for those traveling overseas       Kyodo - 33 days ago

Universal Studios Japan draws 10 mil. visitors in FY 2013       Kyodo - 36 days ago

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