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UPDATE1: Haneda airport opens more shops at international terminal       Kyodo - 12 hours ago

Japan to allow local governments to train guide-interpreters       Kyodo - 6 days ago

Hokkaido gov. tours Singapore's resort to learn about hosting casino       Kyodo - 9 days ago

Law revision eyed to allow dance clubs to run all night       Kyodo - 16 days ago

Boeing 777 picked as new "Japanese Air Force One"       Kyodo - 16 days ago

Tottori Prefecture urges Korean tourists to present climb plans       Kyodo - 17 days ago

Hand-rolled sushi gets Brazilian makeover       Kyodo - 24 days ago

Spring Airlines starts Japan flight services after 2 delays       Kyodo - 27 days ago

Universal Studios Japan to see record 870,000 visitors in July       Kyodo - 28 days ago

Japan railway reinvents image with anime-designed trains, sumo goods       Kyodo - 28 days ago

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