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Head of troubled CDC anthrax lab has resigned       AP - 36 minutes ago

Man dies after digging too deeply in sand on California beach       UPI - 42 minutes ago

4,000-foot Geico ad falls from plane onto San Francisco woman's house       UPI - 53 minutes ago

Air and Missile Defense Radar passes design reviews       UPI - 59 minutes ago

U.N.: Israeli actions in Gaza may be war crimes       UPI - 1 hour ago

Death sentence given in AP photographer's killing       AP - 1 hour ago

Shipwrecked Costa Concordia begins final journey towards scrapping       Christian Science Monitor - 1 hour ago

Obama declares Washington wildfire emergency, firefighters make progress       Christian Science Monitor - 1 hour ago

Maisie Williams: Some healthy perspective needed to battle privilege       Christian Science Monitor - 1 hour ago

Bats use polarized light to set internal compass, say scientists       Christian Science Monitor - 1 hour ago

Supreme Court allows Arizona execution to proceed       UPI - 1 hour ago

MH17: First victims of Malaysia Airlines crash arrive in the Netherlands       Radio Australia - 1 hour ago

CA man caught posing as police officer to force sex on male victims       UPI - 1 hour ago

Porch shooter's lawyer says he feared for his life       AP - 1 hour ago

Somali member of Parliament and folk singer assassinated       UPI - 1 hour ago

Study: NYC ranked unhappiest city in the U.S.       UPI - 1 hour ago

New Harris tactical radios for Middle East country       UPI - 1 hour ago

Doctor treating Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone now infected       UPI - 1 hour ago

Why South Koreans are skeptical over mysterious death of fugitive ferry owner       Christian Science Monitor - 2 hours ago

Taiwan plane crashed during thunderstorm, killing 47 people       Christian Science Monitor - 2 hours ago

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