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Vladimir Putin accused of using Soviet-style propaganda strategy to control Russian media       Radio Australia - 24 minutes ago

Scotland prepares for independence referendum       UPI - 40 minutes ago

Renewable power: New global capacity grows more than ever before       Christian Science Monitor - 52 minutes ago

Former New Zealand spy chief denies capacity for mass surveillance       Radio Australia - 1 hour ago

Islamic State downs Syrian war plane: monitor       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Kurds in Europe take up arms against IS group       AP - 1 hour ago

Afghan rivals said close to ending feud on how to share power       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against U.S.: SITE       Reuters - 1 hour ago

Suicide car bomber kills three foreign troops in blast targeting foreign convoy in Kabul       Radio Australia - 2 hours ago

Indian PM looks forward to welcoming Chinese president       China Daily - 2 hours ago

Slowing climate change makes economic sense; cities to lead-study       China Daily - 3 hours ago

Scotland took long road to independence vote       AP - 3 hours ago

Thailand: Three suspects identified in murder of British tourists found on Koh Tao beach       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Liberal MP flags tougher foreign buyer rules, Treasurer denies bubble       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Iraq crisis: Australian actions in Iraq to cost $500 million each year, Prime Minister Abbott says       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Chinese investment fund to tip billions into Australian farm projects       Radio Australia - 3 hours ago

Britain pledges state funding to Scotland ahead of independence vote       Reuters - 3 hours ago

As core al-Qaida weakened, its successors spread       AP - 4 hours ago

Xi arrives in Sri Lanka for state visit       China Daily - 4 hours ago

Congress scrutinizes Obama military strategy       AP - 4 hours ago

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