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Ebola crisis: Quarantined US nurse criticises 'frenzy of disorganisation'; Mauritania closes border with Mali       Radio Australia - 59 minutes ago

Poor health systems in Asia cause for Ebola alarm       AP - 1 hour ago

Brazil votes for next leader after bitter campaign       AP - 2 hours ago

U.S. nurse quarantined over Ebola calls treatment 'frenzy of disorganization'       Reuters - 2 hours ago

Ukraine elections: Ukraine set to pick pro-Western parliament; President Petro Poroshenko seeks support for pro-Europe reform ahead of Sunday poll       Radio Australia - 2 hours ago

No. 24 LSU upends No.3 Mississippi, 10-7       AP - 3 hours ago

Japanese PM Abe's public support slumps in wake of resignations: Yomiuri poll       Reuters - 3 hours ago

Suspect in two California deputy deaths charged with murder, carjacking       Reuters - 3 hours ago

NJ Gov. Christie back again in Iowa; 2016 on mind?       AP - 3 hours ago

South Korean activists' propaganda balloons anger North Korea       Radio Australia - 4 hours ago

Russians turn back clocks to permanent winter time       UPI - 4 hours ago

Kilauea lava prompts evacuation notice in Hawaii       UPI - 4 hours ago

Islamic State: Kurdish forces retake town near Mosul dam; Iraqi troops seize stronghold south of Baghdad       Radio Australia - 4 hours ago

Egyptian president blames foreign support for deadly Sinai attacks       Radio Australia - 4 hours ago

War-weary Ukraine set to pick pro-Western parliament in election       Reuters - 5 hours ago

Police seek motive in fatal Washington state school shooting       China Daily - 5 hours ago

Washington state teen shooter's family living in 'nightmare'       Reuters - 5 hours ago

Hillary Clinton: Businesses and corporations don't create jobs       UPI - 6 hours ago

Tunisian elections set for Sunday amid shadows of violence       UPI - 6 hours ago

What is 'conservative realism,' and can it push Rand Paul to White House? (+video)       Christian Science Monitor - 6 hours ago

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