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Ferguson riots: Police block cleanup brigade from entering damaged area ahead of Black Friday sales       Radio Australia - 7 minutes ago

Taiwan local elections test pro-China ruling party       AP - 1 hour ago

Venezuela gets ballet commemorating Chavez's life       AP - 1 hour ago

Rare optimism ahead of climate talks in Lima       AP - 1 hour ago

Jilted French 'first lady' now tells all in English       UPI - 1 hour ago

Killing of Guatemalan hunter likely to go unsolved       AP - 1 hour ago

United Nations development goals criticised by influential environmental researcher, top economists       Radio Australia - 2 hours ago

UN climate change talks in Lima to set stage for Paris summit       Radio Australia - 2 hours ago

Six things to know about Apple Pay       Christian Science Monitor - 2 hours ago

Runaway hippos from druglord Pablo Escobar's former private zoo sterilised in Colombia       Radio Australia - 4 hours ago

Global air ticket fraud sweep nets 118 arrests, targets organised crime: Europol       Radio Australia - 4 hours ago

Syria says U.S.-led strikes have not weakened Islamic State       Reuters - 4 hours ago

Child bride on trial for killing husband with rat poison       UPI - 5 hours ago

NY dinner puts wealthy and homeless at same tables       AP - 5 hours ago

Fugitive killer deported back to New Zealand and returned to prison after escaping to Brazil       Radio Australia - 6 hours ago

UN torture committee criticises Australia's mandatory detention policy for asylum seekers       Radio Australia - 7 hours ago

Ferguson protesters disrupt Black Friday shopping       UPI - 7 hours ago

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice wins appeal, is eligible for NFL       Reuters - 8 hours ago

Ray Rice wins NFL suspension appeal; eligible to play again this season       Christian Science Monitor - 8 hours ago

N.Y. police called to two separate stabbing incidents on Black Friday       UPI - 9 hours ago

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