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Canada shooting: People line 500 kilometres of 'Highway of Heroes' to pay respect to fallen soldier       Radio Australia - 1 minute ago

Expert: 8,000 more Rohingya flee Myanmar       AP - 26 minutes ago

Egypt declares state of emergency in Sinai after suicide car bombing kills 30 soldiers       Radio Australia - 1 hour ago

Stock market's big seesaw gives investors pause       AP - 2 hours ago

Coal mine accident in far west China kills 16: Xinhua       Reuters - 2 hours ago

Health care worker monitored for Ebola in New Jersey       UPI - 4 hours ago

Picasso Museum to reopen after five years       UPI - 4 hours ago

New York hatchet attack an 'act of terrorism' by radical Islam convert, police say       Radio Australia - 5 hours ago

Multilateral trade deal Trans Pacific Partnership inches closer with Sydney meeting       Radio Australia - 5 hours ago

Marysville shooting: Two dead, three in critical condition after school shooting in United States       Radio Australia - 5 hours ago

British prime minister David Cameron refuses to pay $3 billion EU bill by December 1       Radio Australia - 5 hours ago

Lauren Hill's cancer won't stop teen from playing basketball       UPI - 5 hours ago

Hong Kong protests: Pro-democracy protesters to vote on government proposals to break deadlock       Radio Australia - 6 hours ago

California officer allegedly stole nude photos during arrest       UPI - 6 hours ago

Two deputies killed, two others hurt in California shooting spree       Reuters - 6 hours ago

[UPDATE] Two Calif. deputies killed, two others shot       UPI - 7 hours ago

One Calif. deputy killed, three others shot       UPI - 7 hours ago

Suspect arrested in death of 2 California deputies       AP - 7 hours ago

School shooting north of Seattle results in at least two deaths       Christian Science Monitor - 7 hours ago

Google exec flings himself from stratosphere, breaks record       Christian Science Monitor - 7 hours ago

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