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Prosecutors investigate bus company over Obuchi fund scandal       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

Unapproved drug to be used for Ebola treatment in Japan       Kyodo - 4 hours ago

3 die after being administered hepatitis C drug       Kyodo - 6 hours ago

UPDATE1: Eto says opposition "unnecessarily complaining" about his funds reports       Kyodo - 7 hours ago

Japanese team replicates movement in small muscle grown from rat cells       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

Top court decision seen as catalyst to fight "maternity harassment"       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

Antismoking parliamentarian group to resume activities for Olympics       Kyodo - 9 hours ago

Japanese insurer to introduce drones to check damage in disasters       Kyodo - 9 hours ago

Warning issued for small eruption at Mt. Iwo in southwestern Japan       Kyodo - 9 hours ago

Japan issues disaster safety guidelines for foreign tourists       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

Humor and science go hand in hand for Japanese Ig Nobel winner       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

Teenage girl gets 13 yrs prison term for murder-robbery of classmate       Kyodo - 11 hours ago

At least 9 die in Nepal bus accident       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

Prosecutors to extend probe on ex-TEPCO execs over nuclear crisis       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

Shochiku, OKWave start online community for Kabuki fans       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

Japan seeking parliamentary approval on nuclear compensation pact       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

Japan to require report on stay in 4 African nations over Ebola       Kyodo - 14 hours ago

Defense chief says opposition camp fussing over his political funds       Kyodo - 15 hours ago

UPDATE1: N.Y. doctor tests positive for Ebola after returning from W. Africa       Kyodo - 15 hours ago

Health official to be part of abduction probe mission to N. Korea       Kyodo - 16 hours ago

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