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Microsoft asserts China unit broke no laws       Kyodo - 1 hour ago

Yoko Ono asks youth to spread Hiroshima A-bomb peace message to world       Kyodo - 2 hours ago

Foreign "cosplayers" visit Japan ministry before int'l event       Kyodo - 2 hours ago

Khmer Rouge court begins new hearing on genocide against ex-leaders       Kyodo - 2 hours ago

Japan begins antipiracy campaign against 300 Internet sites       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

Hato Bus to beef up popular Tokyo ghost story bus-ship tours       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

Tsunami-swept signboard washed up in Hawaii returns home       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

FEATURE: Colonial-era Japanese buildings get new lease on life in Taiwan       Kyodo - 4 hours ago

Abbott skips new sanctions on Russia, says focus still on MH 17 victims       Kyodo - 5 hours ago

Last survivor of 12-member Enola Gay bomber crew dies at 93: AP       Kyodo - 6 hours ago

FEATURE: Passion for fashion glimmers in North Korean cities       Kyodo - 9 hours ago

UPDATE1: Dozens killed in mob violence in Xinjiang: report       Kyodo - 18 hours ago

URGENT: Dozens killed in mob violence in Xinjiang: Xinhua       Kyodo - 18 hours ago

Researchers begin testing epileptic-seizure warning device       Kyodo - 20 hours ago

UPDATE2: China puts ex-security czar Zhou under investigation       Kyodo - 20 hours ago

UPDATE1: Teen planned murder of classmate: police       Kyodo - 20 hours ago

Japan, Netherlands to cooperate toward prompt probe into plane crash       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

U.S. military's Ospreys to take part in disaster drill in October       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

Hague pact used to return Japanese child for 1st time       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

UPDATE1: China's ex-security czar Zhou put under investigation       Kyodo - 22 hours ago

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