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Death toll from Mt. Ontake eruption rises to 57       Kyodo - 38 minutes ago

Niigata commemorates victims of 2004 quake on 10th anniversary       Kyodo - 53 minutes ago

Police to arrest man Thurs. over threat linked to sex slave issue       Kyodo - 2 hours ago

Industry minister to visit Kagoshima to seek nod for nuclear restart       Kyodo - 2 hours ago

Australia asks Indonesia to be on the lookout for debris from MH370       Kyodo - 2 hours ago

Researcher find cancer drug eradicates lung cancer       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

UPDATE3: Terror cited as 1 soldier, suspect killed in shootout in Canada       Kyodo - 4 hours ago

Tips to police about potentially illegal Net sites abroad double       Kyodo - 5 hours ago

U.S. editorial excerpts       Kyodo - 6 hours ago

Ebola cases near 10,000, deaths approach 5,000: U.N. agency       Kyodo - 7 hours ago

Japanese man commended for decades of contributions to Cambodia       Kyodo - 15 hours ago

Japan team creates cardiac tissue sheet with vascular cells from iPS       Kyodo - 17 hours ago

Man arrested over Kobe murder says he strangled 6-yr-old girl       Kyodo - 17 hours ago

Nobel laureate Amano asks Abe to support young researchers       Kyodo - 17 hours ago

UPDATE1: Thai man admits to dumping Japanese man's body in Bangkok       Kyodo - 18 hours ago

Tokyo court sees growing petitions against Internet postings       Kyodo - 18 hours ago

Softbank, others to invest in Indonesian online commerce operator       Kyodo - 20 hours ago

India grounds Sukhoi-30 fighter fleet for safety checks after crash       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

Ex-PM Koizumi raps Abe's aim to revive nuclear power       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

Google to comply with Japan court order to remove search results       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

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