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Japanese actress Yoshinaga's film wins special prize at Montreal       Kyodo - 15 minutes ago

No. of suspected abduction victims by N. Korea rises to 883       Kyodo - 17 minutes ago

Japanese politician Inoki leaves N. Korea after rare wrestling event       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

Ex-AUM cult member Takahashi denies role in Tokyo subway sarin attack       Kyodo - 6 hours ago

Baseball: Murakami celebrates 50-year anniversary from major debut       Kyodo - 14 hours ago

China says national list of WWII memorials will promote patriotism       Kyodo - 19 hours ago

MSDF crew member commits suicide following assault, power harassment       Kyodo - 20 hours ago

USJ draws record visitors in Aug. due to new Harry Potter attraction       Kyodo - 20 hours ago

Thai AirAsia X launches first Japan flights       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

UPDATE1: Ministry confirms 19 new cases of dengue fever in Tokyo       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

UPDATE1: Man kills 3 at primary school in China's Hubei, commits suicide       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

Fukushima gov. tells ministers of acceptance of radioactive waste       Kyodo - 22 hours ago

Man kills 3 at primary school in China's Hubei, commits suicide       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

Smartphone use allowed on planes during takeoffs and landings       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

Indictment suspended for key figure in Tokushukai election scandal       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

Schools used as evacuation centers resume classes after mudslides       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

More than 10 people suspected of contracting dengue fever in Tokyo       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

Suspended driving licenses eyed over possession of quasi-legal drugs       Kyodo - 1 day ago

Japan holds nationwide disaster drills on 1923 quake memorial day       Kyodo - 1 day ago

STORY16: Fukushima plant chief bids farewell after staking life to end crisis       Kyodo - 1 day ago

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