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S. Korea nuclear plant control facility forced offline by rain       Kyodo - 1 hour ago

UPDATE1: Riken team has not reproduced STAP cells: interim experiment report       Kyodo - 1 hour ago

Ex-PM Fukuda shares "sense of crisis" with Xi over frayed ties       Kyodo - 2 hours ago

Abe found to have sent message to war-related memorial service       Kyodo - 3 hours ago

Ministry plans to increase interest-free student loans       Kyodo - 4 hours ago

Dengue fever infection found in Japan for 1st time in 70 years       Kyodo - 4 hours ago

Riken to announce interim findings on STAP cell experiment       Kyodo - 4 hours ago

Japanese politician's drug trial in China enters 2nd day       Kyodo - 5 hours ago

Actor, stage director Yonekura dies at 80       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

UPDATE2: Death toll from mudslides in Hiroshima climbs to 66       Kyodo - 18 hours ago

Tohoku cities to jointly stage food fairs in four U.S. cities in Oct.       Kyodo - 19 hours ago

Panel eyes "special English zones" to better promote Japan culture       Kyodo - 20 hours ago

3 overseas firms picked to help tackle Fukushima plant toxic water       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

UPDATE2: Japanese politician pleads not guilty at drug trial in China       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

Ex-PM Kan seeks full disclosure of testimonies on Fukushima plant       Kyodo - 21 hours ago

UPDATE1: Japan's medical spending hits new high for 11th straight year       Kyodo - 22 hours ago

UPDATE1: Number of newborns in Japan drops below 500,000 in 1st half of 2014       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

UPDATE1: Death toll from mudslides in Hiroshima climbs to 63       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

UPDATE2: TEPCO ordered to pay damages over nuclear evacuee's suicide       Kyodo - 23 hours ago

Fukushima nuclear crisis estimated to cost 11 tril. yen: study       Kyodo - 1 day ago

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