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Small fire breaks out at Korean cultural center in Tokyo       Kyodo - 4 hours ago

UPDATE1: Prosecutor says co-pilot deliberately crashed German plane       Kyodo - 5 hours ago

78 Indonesians, Filipinos qualified as caregivers in Japan       Kyodo - 5 hours ago

Admission fee likely for UNESCO-listed Yakushima Island       Kyodo - 5 hours ago

S. Korea fines Japan's Denso, NGK Spark Plug for price rigging       Kyodo - 7 hours ago

UPDATE1: Police raid Chongryon leader's home over illegal import of mushrooms       Kyodo - 7 hours ago

Lodging figures for foreigners in Japan during 2014 hits record high       Kyodo - 7 hours ago

Rare albatross found breeding in Ogasawara island chain       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

FOCUS: Filipino-Japanese hopes to find links to father in Japan       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

Tokyo's Shibuya Ward set to pass ordinance on same-sex couples       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

FEATURE: War-scarred man amassed and gave away grand art collection       Kyodo - 8 hours ago

Nippon Ham ordered to pay for failing to shield spectator from foul ball       Kyodo - 9 hours ago

Fish little tainted from Fukushima marine soil: research       Kyodo - 9 hours ago

UPDATE1: High courts continue to issue mixed rulings on 2014 vote disparity       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

CORRECTED: Record-high 3,194 medical accidents reported in 2014       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

Firm ordered to pay 4.4 mil. yen over gender wage discrimination       Kyodo - 10 hours ago

Record-high 3,194 medical accidents reported in 2014       Kyodo - 11 hours ago

5-year restoration completed of Himeji Castle, a world heritage site       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

Osaka court rules vote gap in 2014 poll constitutional       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

Pilot of German jet apparently locked out of cockpit before crash       Kyodo - 13 hours ago

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