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Andrew Forrest defends welfare overhaul proposal       ABC - 1 hour ago

Cyber safety should be mandatory subject in school, expert says       ABC - 2 hours ago

Successful school program being rolled out across WA       ABC - 2 hours ago

UWA axes its master of nursing science degree       ABC - 14 hours ago

Fremantle rail bridge to remain closed for another week       ABC - 15 hours ago

Perth grandmother facing eviction for overcrowding       ABC - 15 hours ago

Smashed bridge to stay shut       NEWS.com.au - 16 hours ago

Priest guilty of abusing teen boy       NEWS.com.au - 17 hours ago

WA Commissioner proposes police mandatory retirement age       ABC - 17 hours ago

WA inquiry to investigate rate of FIFO suicides       ABC - 18 hours ago

Man denies he murdered 10-month-old baby       ABC - 19 hours ago

Accused: ‘I did not kill that boy’       NEWS.com.au - 19 hours ago

WA people ripped off in Bali scam       NEWS.com.au - 20 hours ago

Police commissioner's son granted bail on serious assault charges       ABC - 21 hours ago

Russell O’Callaghan wins home detention bail       NEWS.com.au - 22 hours ago

WA Police must ‘get it right’: Rayney       NEWS.com.au - 22 hours ago

Cops face mandatory retirement age       NEWS.com.au - 23 hours ago

Bus fires: fleet pulled off roads       NEWS.com.au - 23 hours ago

Aboriginal health services to absorb Medicare co-payment       ABC - 1 day ago

Wrecked: $200,000 Porsche goes over the edge       NEWS.com.au - 1 day ago

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