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Anti-bigotry response team on hand to help clean off anti-Muslim graffiti       ABC - 4 hours ago

Surfers honour Gracetown shark attack victim       NEWS.com.au - 7 hours ago

Goldfields native title claim recognised after 18-year fight       ABC - 7 hours ago

WWII bomber veteran overlooked for bravery award       ABC - 8 hours ago

Country jobs crisis as resources slowdown hits       NEWS.com.au - 9 hours ago

Harvey pips rival at deputy’s post       NEWS.com.au - 17 hours ago

WA energy report likely to recommend split of Synergy       ABC - 20 hours ago

Break the silence on violence against women       NEWS.com.au - 20 hours ago

Countdown to Krispy Kreme chaos       NEWS.com.au - 21 hours ago

Australia beats Ireland by 10 point in exciting International Rules clash       ABC - 21 hours ago

Brides line up for bumper wedding day       NEWS.com.au - 22 hours ago

Workers lured across the Tasman       NEWS.com.au - 22 hours ago

Tallest apartment tower revealed       NEWS.com.au - 23 hours ago

Serena builds a foundation for women       NEWS.com.au - 23 hours ago

Hunt for Perth salon arsonists       NEWS.com.au - 1 day ago

Truck fire closes Forrest Highway       NEWS.com.au - 1 day ago

Sisterhood unites The Waifs as they embark on national tour       ABC - 1 day ago

Snow White stuns His Majesty’s Theatre       NEWS.com.au - 1 day ago

Missing tourist found in WA’s north       NEWS.com.au - 1 day ago

Tourist missing in WA’s north       NEWS.com.au - 1 day ago

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