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NFL ships domestic violence video to schools       ESPN - 3 days ago

NFL Fines Lynch $50,000 for Not Speaking to Media       NYT - 3 days ago

NFL takes $100K from Lynch for his silence       ESPN - 3 days ago

NFL Sends Domestic Violence Video to Schools       NYT - 3 days ago

Lewis: Bengals didn't hide incident from law       ESPN - 3 days ago

Saints ball thief: Souvenir was for grandson       ESPN - 3 days ago

Peterson Lawyer, NFL Official Duel Over Goodell Decision       NYT - 3 days ago

All-ACL team: Veterans of knee reconstruction       ESPN - 3 days ago

Redskins Blog: Jacoby reaches Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinal round       Washington Post - 3 days ago

Snowbound Bills say Sunday's game still on       ESPN - 3 days ago

Jags CB apologizes for 'bubble gum' arrest       ESPN - 3 days ago

RG III makes it clear: Focused on San Fran       ESPN - 3 days ago

Lawyers for the NFL defend concussion settlement       Canoe - 3 days ago

NFL VP says league not trying to end Peterson's career       Canoe - 3 days ago

Lawyer asks judge to approve concussion deal       ESPN - 3 days ago

Judge Hears Arguments for Proposed N.F.L. Concussions Settlement       NYT - 3 days ago

Redskins Blog: Muzzled RGIII ‘focused on San Francisco’       Washington Post - 3 days ago

Adrian Peterson has little to offer an NFL team       Washington Post - 3 days ago

Tim Tebow and Michael Strahan are two of People’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive’       Washington Post - 3 days ago

Redskins' RG3 Sticks to Script: 'Focused on' 49ers       NYT - 3 days ago

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